Felicia, 17 and I live on cape cod. I like cats and music.


My 4 year old brother told me he was scared to grow up and cried for like 10 minutes straight

finally I asked why he was so scared

and he said he was scared of drinking coffee



Imagine being the kid that got benched so your coach could put Airbud the fucking dog in the game


Getting bad again for no reason after you’ve been so happy for a long time is literally one of the worst feelings ever

What was the worst thing about being the only girl in the cast?

Girl at the rock show: what
Mark Hoppus: i don't know


women: *are killed, beaten, raped, and put down constantly for hundreds of years just for being women*

woman who is also a feminist: *cracks a joke about men on the internet*

men: ”see this is the problem with feminism it promotes hate speech they’re no better than sexist men why can’t i punch women in the face and why does the guy have to pay on dates #equalitarianism”


me trying to be romantic


tumblr is the saddest on the weekends because we see who has a life and who doesn’t


Paper Towns - John Green


i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am


forcing a friend to watch a tv show



i think seventh grade was a dark time for everyone

correct representation of how I handle everything.